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My name is James Andrew Hatfield, and I'm an eighteen year old who lives in Charleston, West Virginia. I'm an active member of two churches, studying to be a minister and a politician,and working for MULTICAP in my town. I'm also a registered member of the Constitution Party, the "fifth third party" in the U.S. I'm a defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, of the Bible and of Biblical principles.

Monday, November 7

The Guide to Anti-Conspiracy Nutjobs

This is a very special post I'm making, as I'm posting a guide to anti-conspiracy nutjobs. What are anti-conspiracy nutjobs? Well, they're basically this: People who fail to realize that there is a conspiracy right before their eyes, despite the evidence proving such. Now, I'm not talking about people who say aliens don't exist, because not even I know if aliens exist. I'm talking about the 1/3 of the population of the United States who still think Kennedy was shot by alone nut, and the people who will attack you regardless of the evidence suggesting any conspiracy is taking place. So, let's start:

1. One of the ACN's (anti-conspiracy nutjob) favorite tactics is pairing the conspiracy believer with UFO believers, or any other obscure sort of New Age philosophy. They do this by pointing at websites and/or people who talk about both conspiracies and aliens/UFOs (ex. David Icke). This is a classic move that many ACN's continue to use to discredit legitimate conspiracy believers, by ultimately lowering them down to the level of UFO believers. The obvious difference is, UFOs are extremely hard to prove to exist while conspiracies exist, obviously, and the evidence suggests that a good number of said-conspiracies are real.

2. Another favorite attack of the ACN's is to discredit conspiracy believers simply as "fruitcakes" or "nuts". This is actually, obviously enough, probably the most commonly used tactic by the ACN's. The reason for this being, is that they've been so conditioned into accepting only what they see in the mainstream news. Anything that goes against their predetermined groupthink is classified as either "liberal" or "conservative", depending on their party. And if said-theory goes against both the liberals and the conservatives, you not only get called a conspiracy theorist, but they call you "wacko", and throw all sorts of names at you. Don't worry about the radical ACN's, they'll never be turned around, no matter how much hardcore evidence of government involvement and coverup of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign.

3. A well used, but not widely used tactic, is for ACN's to just laugh people off and ignore what they have to say. As if though there was a brick wall in front of them, they try their best to prevent what conspiracy believers and activists have to say.

4. Another common, but not widely used tactic, is for ACN's to "muddy the water", so to speak. I remember as a kid I got angry at some girls from a local church who were selling muffins, so I made my own. Mine were alot better than the church girls', namely because mine were homemade, while theirs were prepackaged and store bought. After coming up to me and taking a muffin, one of them took a bite and then spit it out, saying how awful it tasted. Their tactic, is the same one used alot by the ACN's, which is to completely fabricate things about a conspiracy believer, like the perverbial "fake out" to make people not trust a source. President Bush did a good job with this by saying "conspiracy 'theories' fuel terrorism", which is a bold-faced lie, but a see-through tactic by the president to discredit conspiracy believers. ACN's usually take things the person has done or said, blow them way out of proportion or take them out of context, and then copy and paste them on a bunch of forums and other places of interest, to make the conspiracy believer look bad. This is, more often than not, done towards Alex Jones of www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com. In many places, I've noticed Alex getting attacked for smoking a cigar in a comedy club, or cussing one time while on vacation. This was the same tactic used by partisan Republicans when Kerry cussed out a secret service agent while on vacation. Now, I'm not for Kerry, but it's a clear example of what I'm talking about. The dittoheads were screaming bloody murder when Kerry cussed out a secret service agent, but Fox News never said -why- he cussed the secret service agent out. Interesting way of turning things around to make a person look bad.

If you all have any additions to the guide, go ahead and post them on the comments. I'm looking forward to hearing comments from like minded people.


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