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The Grey Point

Tired of the idiocy that is the fake left-right conflict? Let's face it. The Neocons are knee jerk reactionary nuts using counterfeit Christianity as a basis for their agendas and Liberals are bleeding heart, over emotional, tree hugging, UN loving hypocrites. The Independent Party are water carriers for the Republicans, and the enviromentalists are funded by big government. It's time to speak the truth. It's time to enter THE GREY POINT.

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My name is James Andrew Hatfield, and I'm an eighteen year old who lives in Charleston, West Virginia. I'm an active member of two churches, studying to be a minister and a politician,and working for MULTICAP in my town. I'm also a registered member of the Constitution Party, the "fifth third party" in the U.S. I'm a defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, of the Bible and of Biblical principles.

Thursday, October 13

New Radio Show; A Couple of Topics.

Well, after a long "vacation" (which mainly consisted of me working, trying to get ready for my sister's wedding, etc.), I'm back. Not only that, I'm back with something new. Only on Shoutcast, we're airing our show "The Grey Point" on its own radio station. Just to put it out there, if anybody has a good political radio show that they want aired on the station, and then you can email me, or send me an IM on AOL/AIM at The Grey Point. The show will intended to be an hour long, with various commercials of different things every twenty minutes or so (about a minute of commercials). Like I said before, if you have or someone you know has a radio show they would like aired on our station, just email or IM me. Just be sure your show isn't tailored towards sheeple. :)

Alright., I'll cover a few points before I have to sign off and go back to work (I'm on an hour long lunch break right now). In order to better understand anything of the things I'm saying, or are about to say, or will say in the future, you should -never- take my word for it. Always, always, ALWAYS go out and do your research. I'm glad when somebody doesn't trust me right off, it means that they'll go study things (hopefully, if they're smart enough).

I've noticed a lot of anger towards certain groups, such as Jews, Masons, Jesuits, Mormons, Catholics, etc. But why, why are these groups getting attacked? Because the attackers are attacking the whole group(s), instead of those actually responsible for such things as Zionism, Satanic Masonry, Satanic symbols at Mormon churches, etc. It works the same way as...a leech latches onto a person's leg, so instead of killing the leech, you kill the person and let the leech die without somebody to host off of. It works the same way. This whole "evil Jews this" and "evil Jews that" subject is really starting to annoy me. What annoys me even more is when other groups are attacked as well. Folks, not all Mormons are evil. Not all Jesuits are evil. Not all Masons are evil. Are they right in their religious, political, and personal practices? Not entirely. But next time you start saying that the "Jews control the country" and that "Jews own all of the money", think about this. Who has the most power in America at the moment? The Protestants, go figure. I mean, I turn on my internet radio every so often while I'm at work, and have to sit and listen to these moronic redneck hicks who blame Jews, Jesuits, Catholics, and Mormons for everything. Or how apparently all Masons are evil, Satanic, diabolical occultists. No, none of these groups as a whole are evil. Are the leaders controlled and/or corrupt? Certainly, all groups are dictated, and control over society isn't as simple as just saying "the Jews control America". All group leaders are responsible for the dictating of society. Most Jews just want to be left alone, most Masons think its strange that people are on the sidelines calling Masons Satanic. But, as I said, it's the -leaders- who -control the groups-, and not the groups themselves, that we should be going after. Besides, why are we caring more about the so-called "evil Jews" (which, there is a stark difference between Jews and Zionists/Elitist Jews)? Why aren't you talking about mercury in the vaccines? Or about foreign troops on American soil? Or the wide open Mexican-American border, perhaps? Or Bush's self inflicted wound, aka Harriet E. Miers? Or the botched up 9/11 (aka, the Globalists' Reichstag) and the many "official government explanations" of 9/11 that resemble blocks of Swiss cheese more than pieces of evidence advocating the purported "purely Islamic extremist terrorist cause" of the attack? Why are you off talking about "the evil Jews" and the "powerful Jesuits", when nobody wants to hear about that? You're not going to win anybody over, and wake people up, by rambling about Jewish conspiracy theories. I'd rather talk about things that I can prove, rather than things I can speculate. I'm guessing that's why I'm not off, talking about UFOs, Big Foot, Planet X, and reptilians...well, other than the fact than those things are so absurd and comical. Oops, I probably lost a few readers there. :P

Last thing I'll discuss is the state of today's youth, which I will cover more on in the radio show I'm recording today once I get home and get all of the newspaper and internet articles and reports. With the literal bombardment of negative images on today's youth pertaining to sex, violence, racism, intolerance, and bad habits, its nice to know that the government is actually doing something about sex on television. But I'm rather uneasy about the government indicating that certain sexually explicit acts on television are considered pornography, because they've broadened the definition of "sexually explicit". I still think the best way to keep your child from being corrupted by the trash they show on TV, is to regulate what your child watches. Get a chip in your television to block out certain shows, set passwords on your satellite dish, get an internet regulator (like NetNanny). The best thing, I think, it to only let your child watch a certain amount of television a day, or none at all. Don't let your child turn into another mindless vegetable who sits in front of the television for hours every day, watching football and professional wrestling, letting their brain melt inside their skulls. Studies have shown that excessive violent video game and movie/TV shows introduced to the child over a long period of time, can cause the child to become excessively violent and unable to control themselves. This is a very serious charge at video games, movies, and TV shows. But, it's just like rap or pop music. If you don't want your children being exposed to it, don't let them see or listen to it. It's that simple. Be a parent for once, teach your child what's right and wrong, what's real and not real, what should and shouldn't be. Let your child be themselves, but, don't let them be brainless dependent slaves to television, video games, and computers.


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