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Tuesday, April 26

Atheism = Satanism + Humanism

Okay, this is the REAL edition for today. The one I posted just a few minutes ago was to make up for the one I failed to post yesterday. Again, I apologize for that. I had too much stuff to do Monday that I wasn't able to type anything other than a few emails, and chat with a few fellow Christians on Yahoo! chat. By the way, if you want to get ahold of me on Yahoo!, you can contact me at: the_grey_point. I you need to get me on AIM, you can catch me at The Grey Point, and if you're on MSN Messenger...well, sorry, I don't have MSN Messenger. :P

Alright. I'll make this edition short and sweet. It's public knowledge that atheism and Satanism go hand in hand. Satanism and atheism have one common principle: The idea that you can do what you want to without fear of retribution from a higher authority. Is there any real difference between atheism and "true" Satanism? What I mean to say is, that Satanism isn't really the worship of Satan. That might be better classified as Luciferianism, as I like to put it, the worship of Lucifer. Those that worship the Devil are commonly referred to as "poser Satanists". The "true" form of Satanism is the idea that if something isn't to be, it should be destroyed. They do have -some- morals, however, but then again, so do cannibals. Satanism and humanism, mixed together, would be a good way to describe atheism. Satanism says, "do as thou will" while humanism says "man is God/man is the center of infinity". So, in reality, atheist is Satanism plus humanism (or a better way to put it would be: Atheism = Satanism + Atheism, or possibly even Satanism + Humanism + Evolutionism/Darwinism = Atheism). If you do research, you'll come to the same dramatic conclusion that atheism sprung from Satanism.

I mean, both groups are very anti-religious, they both believe there is no God, that you should do as you please, but they do have their own moral guidances. They both denounce hurting children, killing humans and animals in needless fashion, etc. Satanism only differs from atheism in that Satanism could be best described as "hyper atheism". Where atheists will try to corner Christians, or take God out of schools, government, public, etc., Satanists take it even further by practicing occultist rituals, burning Bibles, burning churches (yes, folks, if you haven't heard already church burnings were quite popular due to the Satanic followers of contemporary black metal musicians in Norway). These people follow very radical, very extreme teachings, and will stop at nothing to destroy Christianity, and in fact all morality and faith, throwing us into spiritual anarchy. And when they happens, evil will have won. Don't let anybody fool you, folks, Satanism and atheism are so much alike, it's scary. Atheists don't want you to think that, however, because if you think they you'll know just how evil they truely are.

Don't take my word for it though, do your own research. Nothing will be gained if nothing is lost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's ridiculous! Satanists don't want to destroy christianity. Satanists don't have any interest in christianity at all...

I do have to give you credit though, you're the only christian I've ever met that actually knew what satanism is, instead of clinging to mythology created by christianity.

12:11 AM  

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