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Tired of the idiocy that is the fake left-right conflict? Let's face it. The Neocons are knee jerk reactionary nuts using counterfeit Christianity as a basis for their agendas and Liberals are bleeding heart, over emotional, tree hugging, UN loving hypocrites. The Independent Party are water carriers for the Republicans, and the enviromentalists are funded by big government. It's time to speak the truth. It's time to enter THE GREY POINT.

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My name is James Andrew Hatfield, and I'm an eighteen year old who lives in Charleston, West Virginia. I'm an active member of two churches, studying to be a minister and a politician,and working for MULTICAP in my town. I'm also a registered member of the Constitution Party, the "fifth third party" in the U.S. I'm a defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, of the Bible and of Biblical principles.

Thursday, December 8

New Website, Radio Show Airing Saturday

Hello hello hello again, I know I haven't updated the blog in forever, but I've been incredibly busy with work, as well as getting help with my radio station. A friend of mine, Nick Jones, is helping me out. I have a website up for The Grey Point that you can visit (http://www.geocities.com/the_grey_point/) , which will be a .com domain when I raise enough money. If you're a reader of mine and like The Grey Point, and like what we're doing, and want to help fight the push for a New World Order by these evil, tyrannical globalist scumbags, then head on to the TGP Shop on the website. Unlike many websites and programs, we at TGP ensure that 100% of the profits earned from merchandise goes directly to funding the website itself. All of the money earned, will go into the fund raiser for an official .com domain. After we purchase it, any money will go into either buying upgrades for the website, paying for services with the radio show, or we'll let it build up and extend the purchased time of the domain. The radio show will be airing Saturday, and we'll have a link up on the main page of our website that you can just click and go to it. The show is on the Free Constitution Network, which will host other shows as well, and it slowly growing into something great. I hope you'll all check out the site, which is, again:


Monday, November 7

The Guide to Anti-Conspiracy Nutjobs

This is a very special post I'm making, as I'm posting a guide to anti-conspiracy nutjobs. What are anti-conspiracy nutjobs? Well, they're basically this: People who fail to realize that there is a conspiracy right before their eyes, despite the evidence proving such. Now, I'm not talking about people who say aliens don't exist, because not even I know if aliens exist. I'm talking about the 1/3 of the population of the United States who still think Kennedy was shot by alone nut, and the people who will attack you regardless of the evidence suggesting any conspiracy is taking place. So, let's start:

1. One of the ACN's (anti-conspiracy nutjob) favorite tactics is pairing the conspiracy believer with UFO believers, or any other obscure sort of New Age philosophy. They do this by pointing at websites and/or people who talk about both conspiracies and aliens/UFOs (ex. David Icke). This is a classic move that many ACN's continue to use to discredit legitimate conspiracy believers, by ultimately lowering them down to the level of UFO believers. The obvious difference is, UFOs are extremely hard to prove to exist while conspiracies exist, obviously, and the evidence suggests that a good number of said-conspiracies are real.

2. Another favorite attack of the ACN's is to discredit conspiracy believers simply as "fruitcakes" or "nuts". This is actually, obviously enough, probably the most commonly used tactic by the ACN's. The reason for this being, is that they've been so conditioned into accepting only what they see in the mainstream news. Anything that goes against their predetermined groupthink is classified as either "liberal" or "conservative", depending on their party. And if said-theory goes against both the liberals and the conservatives, you not only get called a conspiracy theorist, but they call you "wacko", and throw all sorts of names at you. Don't worry about the radical ACN's, they'll never be turned around, no matter how much hardcore evidence of government involvement and coverup of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign.

3. A well used, but not widely used tactic, is for ACN's to just laugh people off and ignore what they have to say. As if though there was a brick wall in front of them, they try their best to prevent what conspiracy believers and activists have to say.

4. Another common, but not widely used tactic, is for ACN's to "muddy the water", so to speak. I remember as a kid I got angry at some girls from a local church who were selling muffins, so I made my own. Mine were alot better than the church girls', namely because mine were homemade, while theirs were prepackaged and store bought. After coming up to me and taking a muffin, one of them took a bite and then spit it out, saying how awful it tasted. Their tactic, is the same one used alot by the ACN's, which is to completely fabricate things about a conspiracy believer, like the perverbial "fake out" to make people not trust a source. President Bush did a good job with this by saying "conspiracy 'theories' fuel terrorism", which is a bold-faced lie, but a see-through tactic by the president to discredit conspiracy believers. ACN's usually take things the person has done or said, blow them way out of proportion or take them out of context, and then copy and paste them on a bunch of forums and other places of interest, to make the conspiracy believer look bad. This is, more often than not, done towards Alex Jones of www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com. In many places, I've noticed Alex getting attacked for smoking a cigar in a comedy club, or cussing one time while on vacation. This was the same tactic used by partisan Republicans when Kerry cussed out a secret service agent while on vacation. Now, I'm not for Kerry, but it's a clear example of what I'm talking about. The dittoheads were screaming bloody murder when Kerry cussed out a secret service agent, but Fox News never said -why- he cussed the secret service agent out. Interesting way of turning things around to make a person look bad.

If you all have any additions to the guide, go ahead and post them on the comments. I'm looking forward to hearing comments from like minded people.

Thursday, October 13

New Radio Show; A Couple of Topics.

Well, after a long "vacation" (which mainly consisted of me working, trying to get ready for my sister's wedding, etc.), I'm back. Not only that, I'm back with something new. Only on Shoutcast, we're airing our show "The Grey Point" on its own radio station. Just to put it out there, if anybody has a good political radio show that they want aired on the station, and then you can email me, or send me an IM on AOL/AIM at The Grey Point. The show will intended to be an hour long, with various commercials of different things every twenty minutes or so (about a minute of commercials). Like I said before, if you have or someone you know has a radio show they would like aired on our station, just email or IM me. Just be sure your show isn't tailored towards sheeple. :)

Alright., I'll cover a few points before I have to sign off and go back to work (I'm on an hour long lunch break right now). In order to better understand anything of the things I'm saying, or are about to say, or will say in the future, you should -never- take my word for it. Always, always, ALWAYS go out and do your research. I'm glad when somebody doesn't trust me right off, it means that they'll go study things (hopefully, if they're smart enough).

I've noticed a lot of anger towards certain groups, such as Jews, Masons, Jesuits, Mormons, Catholics, etc. But why, why are these groups getting attacked? Because the attackers are attacking the whole group(s), instead of those actually responsible for such things as Zionism, Satanic Masonry, Satanic symbols at Mormon churches, etc. It works the same way as...a leech latches onto a person's leg, so instead of killing the leech, you kill the person and let the leech die without somebody to host off of. It works the same way. This whole "evil Jews this" and "evil Jews that" subject is really starting to annoy me. What annoys me even more is when other groups are attacked as well. Folks, not all Mormons are evil. Not all Jesuits are evil. Not all Masons are evil. Are they right in their religious, political, and personal practices? Not entirely. But next time you start saying that the "Jews control the country" and that "Jews own all of the money", think about this. Who has the most power in America at the moment? The Protestants, go figure. I mean, I turn on my internet radio every so often while I'm at work, and have to sit and listen to these moronic redneck hicks who blame Jews, Jesuits, Catholics, and Mormons for everything. Or how apparently all Masons are evil, Satanic, diabolical occultists. No, none of these groups as a whole are evil. Are the leaders controlled and/or corrupt? Certainly, all groups are dictated, and control over society isn't as simple as just saying "the Jews control America". All group leaders are responsible for the dictating of society. Most Jews just want to be left alone, most Masons think its strange that people are on the sidelines calling Masons Satanic. But, as I said, it's the -leaders- who -control the groups-, and not the groups themselves, that we should be going after. Besides, why are we caring more about the so-called "evil Jews" (which, there is a stark difference between Jews and Zionists/Elitist Jews)? Why aren't you talking about mercury in the vaccines? Or about foreign troops on American soil? Or the wide open Mexican-American border, perhaps? Or Bush's self inflicted wound, aka Harriet E. Miers? Or the botched up 9/11 (aka, the Globalists' Reichstag) and the many "official government explanations" of 9/11 that resemble blocks of Swiss cheese more than pieces of evidence advocating the purported "purely Islamic extremist terrorist cause" of the attack? Why are you off talking about "the evil Jews" and the "powerful Jesuits", when nobody wants to hear about that? You're not going to win anybody over, and wake people up, by rambling about Jewish conspiracy theories. I'd rather talk about things that I can prove, rather than things I can speculate. I'm guessing that's why I'm not off, talking about UFOs, Big Foot, Planet X, and reptilians...well, other than the fact than those things are so absurd and comical. Oops, I probably lost a few readers there. :P

Last thing I'll discuss is the state of today's youth, which I will cover more on in the radio show I'm recording today once I get home and get all of the newspaper and internet articles and reports. With the literal bombardment of negative images on today's youth pertaining to sex, violence, racism, intolerance, and bad habits, its nice to know that the government is actually doing something about sex on television. But I'm rather uneasy about the government indicating that certain sexually explicit acts on television are considered pornography, because they've broadened the definition of "sexually explicit". I still think the best way to keep your child from being corrupted by the trash they show on TV, is to regulate what your child watches. Get a chip in your television to block out certain shows, set passwords on your satellite dish, get an internet regulator (like NetNanny). The best thing, I think, it to only let your child watch a certain amount of television a day, or none at all. Don't let your child turn into another mindless vegetable who sits in front of the television for hours every day, watching football and professional wrestling, letting their brain melt inside their skulls. Studies have shown that excessive violent video game and movie/TV shows introduced to the child over a long period of time, can cause the child to become excessively violent and unable to control themselves. This is a very serious charge at video games, movies, and TV shows. But, it's just like rap or pop music. If you don't want your children being exposed to it, don't let them see or listen to it. It's that simple. Be a parent for once, teach your child what's right and wrong, what's real and not real, what should and shouldn't be. Let your child be themselves, but, don't let them be brainless dependent slaves to television, video games, and computers.

Sunday, July 17

Democracy vs Republic

Well, I'm back. I've been going through some rough times with the passing away of my mother and my graduation. I'm taking a "gap year" between graduation and going to college, because I truthfully have little idea of what I want to be. I'm planning on doing something such as programming or game designing, while minoring in art perhaps. Taking classes in religion like alot of young Christians do is okay, but I don't feel I was called up to be a preacher or a missionary. I'll continue to pray and fast, in hopes that God can give me some guidance into what He might want me to be. I hope you'll all pray for me, and all of the other kids my age that are in my same position. For now, however, since all of my school work is done and I'm not tied down with a job or a hectic social life, I can get my driver's license and hopefully, as I've prayed diligently, meet a nice girl who shares my common interests. I think I've met her already, but only time and patience will tell. Anyways, onto my first post in a looong while.

When you go out on the streets and ask anybody what form of government we have here in the United States, the chances are they'll say "a Democracy". The term Democracy seems to be a hot new word that politicians and arm chair activists are using quite alot. We went into Iraq to supposedly "spread Democracy", and we continue to try and "spread Democracy to other nations". But just what is a Democracy? Justice Robert Jackson once said, " "If there is any fixed star in our Constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein." What our government should truly be called is a "constitutional republic". A Democracy is majority rules. As I've said before, the majority of Americans are so-called conservative Christians, and thus we have a president as such, who uses his "Christianity" to "make the right decisions". Apparently bombing houses in Iraq and killing hundreds of innocent women and children with cluster bombs is something that God told Bush to do. Is it? No. Bush is about as Christian as Aleister Crowley in a devil costume. The same man who, like many "conservative Christians" in Washington, goes and professes his love for God and faith in Him, will gladly go to Bohemian Grove every year with all of the drinking, mock human sacrifices, and male prostitutes. (http://www.propagandamatrix.com/articles/july2004/220704gaypornstar.htm)

But anyways, just why is a Democracy a dangerous thing? Because if it was possible that, say, illegal aliens or what-have-you were the majority of the population, our Constitution would be distorted to allow foreign born "citizens" to become president, and the figurehead of our nation would be just as Mexican as
Carlos Mencia. This is dangerous, because it isn't about all the people, but simply the majority, which could be some 50% of the population. What about the rest of the population? This is why it is vitally important that you teach your kids and inform your friends and family about how when somebody calls the US a Democracy, you can see past the phoney wording and tell them how it is. We're a Republic, ladies and gentlemen, and that's a fact. That is the form of government our forefathers intended for us to be, and that is the form of government we are today, despite what popular thought may be. In Federalist Paper #14 Madison wrote, “The true distinction between these forms...is, that in a Democracy, the people meet and exercise the government in person; in a Republic they assemble and administer it by their representatives and agents. A Democracy consequently will be confined to a small spot. A Republic may be extended over a large region.” On World Newstand, they said it best: "The socialistic nature of our present-day government would have been abhorrent to Madison and the other Founding Fathers. Government’s function should not be to level the people to an equal mediocrity, but to ensure a level playing field upon which added effort or superior talent results in increased reward. That is the philosophy that built America and made it great." Whether we call it a "Democratic Republic", a "Constitutional Republic", or a "Republic", I can safely assure you at our great, wonderful nation isn't a Democracy. Far from it, we're a Republic, and that's that.

Now, as I leave from this blog to write my book, "Prometheus", I leave you with this tidbit. After about fifty years of denying the existence of God and promoting atheism, Anthony Flew at 81 (a prominent figure in the promotion of atheism and debater for said religion) renounced atheism. (http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/flew.html) In this own words, he said,
"...the argument to Intelligent Design is enormously stronger than it was when I first met it" and ""It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design." Also, he had this to say, "It has become inordinately difficult even to begin to think about constructing a naturalistic theory of the evolution of that first reproducing organism." Wow, think about that. A world renown atheist renounces atheism, claiming that the evidence for evolution has weakened over the years, and the evidence for creationism has strengthened. Now, I stopped doing religious discussions on my show mostly due to my busy schedule, but I'll tell you what. We followers of God have the Bible, a flawless literary piece of history and evidence of God's Master Design. If the atheists can come up with some sort of concrete evidence that Evolution is true, then I'll put my foot in my mouth for once. Charles Oxnard (1975), in a paper that is widely cited, came to the conclusion, based on his multivariate analyses, that australopithecines are no more closely related, or more similar, to humans than modern apes are. Independent scientists without the presupposition of atheism or Evolutionism, across the board, are coming up with the same results. Maybe it's time that Evolutionists answer the challenge of famous Creationist scientists and, once and for all, have an intelligent discussion with both sides presenting their arguments. The top atheist scientists have even been challenged by creationist scientists, yet have refused to answer the challenge. Truly, Evolutionism is the anti-biology of our world.

Saturday, April 30

Relations of Despotism, Gun Control

Hello, brothers and sisters, welcome to another edition of The Grey Point. This, of course, is extremely late. I'm writing this on a Friday night, but I'm sure the post wil say that it's Saturday. I've had too many things to do, and not enough time to write anything. That's why my book, "illuminated", is getting off to a very slow and rough start. Premature writer's block and hardly much time on my hands equates into little to no headway on either of my blogs. Unfortunately, I won't make multiple posts, but I will try to put all that I can into this edition.

Some quick notes before we begin. My mother is out of the hospital, so all of those that can, please pray for her. Also, visit http://www.komen.org/. I beg that you become more aware in the dangers of breast cancer, and that both women and men have equal chances to get it. Early awareness can save lives more than you could ever imagine. If only my mother had went in sooner, she wouldn't have been in such a bad condition. One more note, before we continue, is that I'm writing a "futuristic" book based on my studies of the globalist agenda. The book is a work of fiction, but was made to represent what could happen if corrupt politicians and the roughly 1% of the richest population has their way with not just our country, not just this continent, but the entire world. You can find it at http://illuminatedthebook.blogspot.com/. Keep in mind, however, that it won't be updated as quickly or as much as this blog, due to it being a blog novel and not just a simple blog like this.

Okay, first, I'm going to touch up on an issue that I've soon realized about forms of government like fascism, communism, despotism, socialism, etc. The one common thread that they have, is that none of these forms of government really matter. They're all just variations on that one common concept: Control. Absolute, dictatorial, tyrannical control. Whether you have a Communistic form of government, or a one-man style of despotism, it's all the same. They're simply just ways to control the poor, defenseless, blindly patriotic. freedomless, dumbed down people. Does that sound familiar? America is starting to become just that, folks. Hitler turned his people into blindly patriotic, dumbed down, robotic zombies after he set one of his own buildings, the Reichstag, on fire and then blamed it on his political enemies. Martial law ensued, and Hitler had the people of Germany like putty in the palm of his hands. America is turning into that same dictatorship police state. Exploitning 9/11, the Bush administration is turning this government into a Hell hole where liberties and freedoms are void. We're seeing that with the Patriot Act, the National ID Bill, and many others. It's vital to remind you that Bush graduated from Yale as a Skull and Bones member. Skull and Bones, admittedly, came from various German secret societies including the Thule Society, who had Hitler as one of its members. Don't believe me? http://www.cephasministry.com/nwothule.html. Anyways, I'm digressing into other territory. What I'm saying is, whatever label you want to give a tyrannical government, the same thing is evident. The people are powerless, and the tiny minority who control them have all of the power. Unfortunately, our country's government has degraded from a Constitutional Republic into a Democracy. This means that majority rules. After all, Hitler gained the trust of his people by acting like a good Catholic man. And the Roman Catholic church backed the Nazis without even as much as a flinch.

The next issue in my line of sights is gun control. We'll start in Biblical terms. Most people thought that Christ taught pascifism, and those that teach this use Matthew 5:38-39 to prove this. "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also." What they forget, however, is that Chris was specifically talking about civil magistrate, as opposed to self-defence. This is evident, because the Bible teaches that self-defense, and defending one's property and loved ones is a highly honorable thing to do, on top of a God given task. In the same Sermon, Jesus says "Whoever therefore breaks one of the commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven..." (Matthew 5:19). So, it's made pretty clear that Jesus wasn't teaching something different about self-defense than that which is taught in the Bible. Otherwise, He would be teaching about breaking His own commandment, and therefore contradicting Himself. Even more apparent is that the "eye for an eye" statement was in regard to Exodus 21:24-25, which deals with the magistrate dealing with crimes.

Exodus 22:2-3 says: "If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed. If the sun has risen on him, there shall be guilt for his bloodshed. He should make full restitution; if he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft." One conclusion from this would be to deal with a threat to our life with force, lethal if need be. "A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well." (Proverbs 25:26), so, surely, we would be faltering to the wicked if we remained unarmed and undefended, without the ability to defend ourselves and others from a life threat. Basically, we have no right to give up our lives, one of the most beautiful and best gifts given to us by God Himself, to somebody who is unrighteous and wicked. Civilized society, and a society in which good people let evil people walk over them in submission, are two seperate things indeed. But don't think that having a gun is doubting God's power over us! John 14:15 talks about how if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. Truly then, those who love God will follow what 1 Timothy 5:8 tells us. "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." If you don't work, and expect to be fed, you're defying God. In Psalm 46:1 it is written that God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. This, however, did not conflict with our praise to the one true God "Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle" (Psalm 144:1). We, as the Bible shows, must train, prepare, and work, but it is vital to trust any and all outcomes to God. Those who trust God, will prepare themselves to defend and provide for his family. Those who do not, are defying God.

In the end, God didn't ask for registers on rocks and background checks on those wanting to buy ploughs. As Charlton Heston so masterfully put it, "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Restrictions on guns, background checks, and draconian gun control laws will do absolutely nothing to lessen crime anywhere. They will simply keep guns from those who need them, and will do nothing at all in keeping guns away from those who don't need them, namely criminals. Cain killed his brother in jealousy. Not because he had a rock available and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Much is the same for the man who shoots another in defense of his own life, or the life of a loved one. It is our moral, Christian, God given duty to defend ourselves and those we love. Those who wish to do harm on us, will have their reward beyond the grave. But those who die in the defense of a life will have their own reward, and the Bible clearly shows that. A gun is only as bad or as good as the person holding it.

Tuesday, April 26

Atheism = Satanism + Humanism

Okay, this is the REAL edition for today. The one I posted just a few minutes ago was to make up for the one I failed to post yesterday. Again, I apologize for that. I had too much stuff to do Monday that I wasn't able to type anything other than a few emails, and chat with a few fellow Christians on Yahoo! chat. By the way, if you want to get ahold of me on Yahoo!, you can contact me at: the_grey_point. I you need to get me on AIM, you can catch me at The Grey Point, and if you're on MSN Messenger...well, sorry, I don't have MSN Messenger. :P

Alright. I'll make this edition short and sweet. It's public knowledge that atheism and Satanism go hand in hand. Satanism and atheism have one common principle: The idea that you can do what you want to without fear of retribution from a higher authority. Is there any real difference between atheism and "true" Satanism? What I mean to say is, that Satanism isn't really the worship of Satan. That might be better classified as Luciferianism, as I like to put it, the worship of Lucifer. Those that worship the Devil are commonly referred to as "poser Satanists". The "true" form of Satanism is the idea that if something isn't to be, it should be destroyed. They do have -some- morals, however, but then again, so do cannibals. Satanism and humanism, mixed together, would be a good way to describe atheism. Satanism says, "do as thou will" while humanism says "man is God/man is the center of infinity". So, in reality, atheist is Satanism plus humanism (or a better way to put it would be: Atheism = Satanism + Atheism, or possibly even Satanism + Humanism + Evolutionism/Darwinism = Atheism). If you do research, you'll come to the same dramatic conclusion that atheism sprung from Satanism.

I mean, both groups are very anti-religious, they both believe there is no God, that you should do as you please, but they do have their own moral guidances. They both denounce hurting children, killing humans and animals in needless fashion, etc. Satanism only differs from atheism in that Satanism could be best described as "hyper atheism". Where atheists will try to corner Christians, or take God out of schools, government, public, etc., Satanists take it even further by practicing occultist rituals, burning Bibles, burning churches (yes, folks, if you haven't heard already church burnings were quite popular due to the Satanic followers of contemporary black metal musicians in Norway). These people follow very radical, very extreme teachings, and will stop at nothing to destroy Christianity, and in fact all morality and faith, throwing us into spiritual anarchy. And when they happens, evil will have won. Don't let anybody fool you, folks, Satanism and atheism are so much alike, it's scary. Atheists don't want you to think that, however, because if you think they you'll know just how evil they truely are.

Don't take my word for it though, do your own research. Nothing will be gained if nothing is lost.

The Constitution Party, Community/Church Involvement

We've got another edition of The Grey Point for you here, but first, I would like to apologize for not posting an edition yesterday. Therefore, because of the absense of an edition yesterday I'm going to do more of a political and local edition first, and then an edition afterwards on religious matters.

The Constitution Party is one I completely agree with, because they don't have pro-big business and Nazi-esque tactics like the Neocons, and they aren't bleeding heart, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-open borders like the liberals. If you want to check out the party, visit their website at http://www.constitutionparty.com/, or you can visit the Constitution Party's Presidential nominee's website at http://www.peroutka2004.com/. In order to understand what the Constitution party believes, you have to look back at what our forefathers believed. They believed in the right to own guns in an unrestricted fashion, they believed in the abolishment of criminal taxation, they believed in religious, political, social, and personal freedoms, they were very religious and very moral men. Don't listen to the idiot liberals who think that all of our forefathers were deists or occultists. Only a tiny fraction of our forefathers were deists. The Constitution party believes in taking the government out of the schools, they believe in restricting the government as our Constitution had intended, they believe in shrinking the borders to restrict illegal aliens from pouring in, they're against the war in Iraq, or any other tyrannical war for oil. They're against abortion, they're against gun control and restrictions on guns, and much much more. If you wish to find out what all they are actively fighting for, then I urge you to visit their website. The liberals and Neocons are run by the same big money, big bank, big government, big business big wigs. The independent party, folks, are water carriers. They're tools for the Neocons, because the Independents took 6% of the liberal vote, ensuring that Bush would win. Enviromentalists run on the same mythical concept of global warming (which doesn't exist, ladies and gentlemen, the Earth goes through cycles in which the planet cools off, heats up, and rotates between the two). Left and right didn't exist 100 years ago, okay? It was good vs. evil, freedom vs. control. Do you understand how bad things have gotten? The government's power has expanded 50%+ PERCENT NOW THAT BUSH IS IN OFFICE. DO YOU REALIZE HOW BAD THINGS HAVE GOTTEN? And you Neocons who sit there and blame the liberals, are constantly fighting for big companies, which are run by the liberals. And you liberals, who say the UN is such a good thing, fail to realize that it was the contemporary conservatives that created the UN, and before that, the League of Nations. It's all good cop bad cop, two sides of the same ill fated coin. Republicans and Democrats are sleeping together, and everybody is ignorant to that fact. The left and right are simply two sides on a dual edged blade, which is slowly being plunged into the heart of our freedom, our liberty, our very way of life. Our forefathers warned us of this very thing, and folks, if you don't take it seriously you're going to end up becoming brainwashed zombies who are loyal to the tyrants on both side of the box.

Okay. Before I get to the next piece, I would just like to answer some questions I've been getting from my small number of visitors. Why my editions, the posts I make every weekday, seem to unpolished and unrefined is because I have a "shoot from the hip" style. I whip out my six shooters, take aim, and blast away at any political or religious enemy in my sights. The editions aren't as polished or refined, because I type whatever I'm thinking of at the time. I plan about 10-20% of the things you see every weekday, and the rest of it is simply improv and straight foward. Where I'm not exactly the best speaker in public, and I'm usually an extremely quiet person, here I have nothing restricting me from speaking the truth. And, if you think me calling what I say the truth to be funny, then let me tell you this. I used to be a conservative, until I realized that Bush wasn't as good and Christian as most people thought he was. And then, I used to be a liberal, until I realized that the liberals were just as controlled and evil as the Neocons. So what now? Well, for a while I was Independent, until I realized that they do more to help the Republicans than anything. I used to be Libertarian, until I realized they were pro-abortion for the most part. So then I became a Constitution party member. And I'll remain a Constitution party member, because they fit what into 95% of what I believe in. They're religious, but they don't exploit religion like the Neocons. They're for equality and freedom, but they're not for baby killing and taking away our guns like the liberals. I urge you, even if you don't think the Constitution party is right for you first thing, to please read on what fight for, and maybe you'll become a freedom loving defender of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We'll get to the last issue for this first edition of today. I've made a plan, a personal one, for me to follow. A personal plan is something that everybody should do, especially teenagers between the ages of 16-18. You see, a few years ago, I never would have thought of becoming a minister, studying on history and the Bible, improving my vocabulary and diction, or start getting active in my community. But here I am, with a plan to do just that. I plan on becoming active in my town, the town of Chesapeake. I plan on becoming a preacher, and having my own ministry. Well, actually, this thing that I do online is really my ministry. Spreading the love of God, and how hopeful and bright things are in this world. That's my ministry. My ministry is one of peace, of love, of equality. Building bridges between Christian and non-Christian peoples, all the while exposing the faults in anti-Christian theories and beliefs, and exposing the dictatorship they we're starting to go under here in the government. That's my ministry, that how's I'm active in this world. I'm 18, but I know life is short, like dew on the grass in the morning that dries up as the sun blazes high in the blue sky. That's why I'm doing everything I can do, within my human restrictions, to make a name for myself and make the world at least 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% a better place. That's MY goal in life, and you need one too. Don't idly sit by and let the world pass you. Don't be like a cloud that forms, and then dissapears just as quickly. Your life is meant to do something, whether you're a Christian or an atheist, we can all agree life is far too short to just lay about and do nothing. Our souls are immortal, but unless we do something here on Earth, our name won't be. If we work hard, help others, do work and live life for God, and have a healthy and joyful outlook on life then we will truely engrave our names upon the monolithic stone that is history, and thus our physical lives will become immortal after death, for when somebody remembers us, we won't truely be dead. Now, I'm not saying we'll be vampires or zombies, but as long as even just one person remembers you, your name and life will never be truely dead, at least in the hearts and minds of the living.

That's what I say this: Become active in your community, do good things, save money, get a good education, get a good job, get a good person who will love you for who you are and you will love them for who they are, have a family, and make a name for yourself. It will pay off, trust me. God never, ever lets hard work go unrewarded. Our acts do not determine if we get into Heaven. We can give a billion dollars to the poor, build a hundred churches and Christian groups, and still go to Hell. But when we do good for others, we will be a mirror which reflects the glorious light of God into the darkest places of this mortal realm. Those are the only things that truely matters in this world. Living life for God, and doing what you can to bring other people to Him. Satan can't defeat us, only God will triumph in the end.

Friday, April 22

Two Sides of the Same Coin, Catholic Priest Marriage

Hello again, welcome to another edition of The Grey Point. On this edition, we're talking about religion and politics yet again. This time, however, I'm bashing both sides of "the box", and I'm going to touch on the Catholic priests not having the ability to get married. From my understanding, there are certain churches that allow the priests to get married. But, for the most part, I assume that this is a small fraction of the Catholic priests, and therefore don't do much to curve the controversy.

A quick note before I get to the main points. Two extremely valuable and informative sites you should visit are: www.arnoldexposed.com, and www.prisonplanet.com (if you can't get to that, try www.infowars.com or www.propagandamatrix.com). Both of these websites are run by the political powerhouse Alex Jones, who has his own radio show every weekday at GCN Network (Station 2). I suggest that you go there now, unless you want to continue having your eyes shut, ears plugged, and mouth closed by mainstream media and big government.

Alright...I'm a firm believer in the idea that political parties are completely useless. I've always said there shouldn't be any in the first place, and that politicians should be elected by their qualifications, not what party they belong to. In the end, Republicans and Democrats both are wanting to expand the power of the government, issue more Big Brother like tactics to control us and watch our every move, and of course, are sleeping in the same bed. In the end, they're two sides of the same ill fated coin. Two heads on the dual headed dragon tyrant that is the globalist movement towards unified worldwide power. It all started with Clinton, and is furiously elevating to expand even faster under Bush. If you study these things as well as most of us do, you'll see John Kerry and George Bush's voting records are 98% identical. Kerry voted for the war, Bush is for gun control. After all, any good dictator has to take guns away from the people. If the people are left without any guns, or with truckloads of restrictions on guns, then they can't defend themselves.

Democrats work hard to keep abortion legal, to enforce more gun control laws, to open the borders up wider than they are right now, and shut the mouths of religious folks. Republicans work hard to keep the borders open, to put in fascist politicians and tactics for government, to oppress minorities, and put in glitchy, flawed voting systems. But they both work harder on, than anything else, martial law, a despotistic, unlimited government, and the abolishment of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is the new Rome, folks, and we're all supposed to lay down our guns, hide in our houses, and watch government sponsored propaganda on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Who cares if the news is true? Who cares if they white wash most of everything they report on? They take what the government says to be from the mouth of God Himself.

Alright, before I get to the second subject of this edition, I would like to remind everyone that The Grey Point cannot grow without your involvement. Volunteering for us means commenting on posts, and telling us generally how well we're doing. And if we make a mistake on something? Tell us! We love to have ourselves corrected, because if we didn't, we'd be as bad as Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly. Also, we'll be getting merchandise here soon, so you too can have your very own anti-big government, anti-globalist, anti-tyranny t-shirts. Hopefully that will help fund us. :)

Onto priests and marriage. The mainstream Catholic churches don't allow their priests to get married. And yet we sit here and wonder why so many priests are molesting little boys and little girls. It's an epidemic, and we can trace the cause to one factor. Not homosexuality, not the Pope being the Antichrist. It's because the church fails to recognize one thing: Men need women. Every man in the entire Earth, besides Jesus himself, needs a woman. They need romance, marriage, and of course, procreation. Without any access to a woman, they start to lose control of themselves, and are weak to sins of the flesh. Now, I'm not saying the Catholic church needs to recognize gay marriage, abortion, or female cardinals. But I am saying that priests getting married isn't an invalid matter like gay marriage or abortion. Those are moral and ethical subjects. The ability for a priest to get married, however, is a God given right. Priests can still function normally with wives. In fact, they have less a chance to resort to molesting kids or, to a lesser extent, buying prostitutes or going to sex clubs, etc. It's time for the Catholic church to stop their bull, and let priests get married. If not, I invite any priest to come join the Protestant branch. Why? Not only do we let any man or woman get married, despite their place in the church, but we don't worship Saints or ask humans for forgiveness! Pretty cool stuff, huh?

Thursday, April 21

Atheism, Bush's Religious Standing

We have a lot of things to talk about on this edition of The Grey Point. Some of the things we'll cover on our debut post will be the falsities of atheism. We'll also cover on why I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Bush isn't the wonderful Christian he wants us to think he is. Last but not least, West Virginia has become the laughing stock of the Union, but we'll get back to that later on.

Some quick notes before we begin. The ACLU apparently is fighting against RFID chips. The ACLU and I haven't exactly been on the same page, for quite some time, especially with their sponsoring of the liberal attack on monotheism, Christianity in particular. But with the recent ACLU attack on the RFID chips, I have to say that I side with the ACLU on this. If you want to learn more about the RFID chips, and what they do, then you can visit:

Anyways...let's get to our first subject of the day.

“Everyone who is seriously interested in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe - a spirit vastly superior to man, and one in the face of which our modest powers must feel humble.” Albert Einstein

Atheists create this grand world of their own where they're not responsible for their actions, and happiness is brought by material goods and other worldly, temporal things. We live in a world where instant gratification is more asked for than prolonged gratification. I've said it once and I'll say it again, the longer you wait patiently and the harder you work for it, the sweeter the reward is in the end. Atheists just don't care about that, though. I'm convinced the reason they attack us Christians is because of one simple fact: They're not happy. This is, for the most part, because Christians are happy. Why are they angry at us for being happy? Well, it's pretty simple. We don't need money, folks. We don't need money to make us happy; we don't need a fancy car, or a big house. Fame and fortune don't mean a thing. If I was a king, with all the gold in the world, I could still be unhappy. Why are the rich and famous prone to fits of drug and alcohol abuse, failed relationships, and downward spirals galore? Because they're not happy. Atheists? Atheists just don't seem to understand this. Everything in this world is finite. Temporary things will never make anybody happy. They would rather clamor to an obviously false and disproved theory called Evolutionism. What is Evolutionism? In a nut shell, everything that has ever happened is random chance. We are in the midst of chaos. Fate and destiny are false, order is a myth, and life has no point. What kind of mindset is that? Isn't that depressing? It sounds really dull and gloomy. "It's all random, life is pointless, and why should I do anything if nothing matters?" Heck, we came from monkeys, according to Darwinism. We have seen how that worked out. Darwinism didn't work, Neo-Darwinism didn't work, and Evolutionism is so obviously a lie at its worst, lowest point. Atheists know this, deep down inside, that they will never, ever be happy with the things they get in this mortal realm.

"For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Matthew

Even Satan could go and turn himself over to God in repentance of his wicked ways. But you know what? Satan won't do that. He has one thing stopping him: His pride. Ladies and gentlemen, don't let your pride and false dreams blind you. Atheism is just that, a blind fold. Atheists are trigger happy reactionists who go around, and whenever you mention God, they jump you. Trust me, folks, I've seen it. I've seen an atheist before snap at a Christian for mentioning the Bible. It has come to the point were the line isn't as vague, but is now finely drawn in the sand. You're either with God, or you're not. I don't care who you are, if you're not with God, you're going to Hell. Sorry. End of story. I'm not going to sugar coat the facts.

Anyways...enough ranting from me. All in all, atheism is pure lunacy. If I was still an atheist, I would be so unhappy, I might have even killed myself. I had gotten to that point in my life, where suicide wasn't such a bad idea, and if I hadn't turned my life over to God before it was too late, I'd be in Hell burning for eternity for slitting my wrists. But Salvation saved me, and look at me now. I'm doing better in school; I'm working out, taking care of myself, my friends, and my blood and church families. I am, needless to say, a changed man. And I thank God everyday for that.

Alright...Bush; let's talk about him before I run out of room to talk. Bush isn't a Christian, and I know this for a fact. And if you think he's a Christian, well, you're about as blinded as the Democrats thinking Kerry was a good opponent to President Bush. Bush will go to Muslim mosques and Catholic churches to get blessed, and we are supposed to think that he's this wonderful Protestant Christian he says he is? Folks, think about it. Bush only started waving around his "Christian faith" after he became president. And you know why? Because we live in a Democracy, instead of a
Constitutional Republic. See, in a Democracy, mob rules. So, if the majority of the people were Egyptian pagans, then Bush would be an Egyptian pagan. If the majority were atheists, then Bush would be an atheist. Of course, we all know Bush isn't an atheist. He's a Luciferian, teleprompter reading jackass. This is the same man who joked about the fake weapons of mass destruction fiasco, pretends he's both a cowboy and some sort of real ex-U.S. pilot who never went AWOL, and openly proclaims he would be happy if America was a dictatorship. Just as long as he's the dictator.

Lastly, I said I would speak on what's happening in WV. It seems our all knowing all powerful state politicians want to make it so English isn't the official language of West Virginia. English isn't our official language? I suppose with those huge numbers of illegal aliens, and Asian immigrants coming in, we might as well change it, right?